Fine Arts

The arts are a critical part of developing creativity, self-expression and inventiveness. At Butler Catholic, we’ve made it an integral part of the curriculum, believing that early engagement with the arts enhances a child’s intellectual, personal and social development.

  • Music

    Our students begin music instruction in preschool with dedicated weekly class times; this weekly instruction continues through all grades. Music class is enhanced by an annual school-wide choral concert in the spring. There are additional opportunities outside of the regular classroom for students to enjoy music as well. Starting in 4th grade, students have the opportunity to participate in our instrumental band program, and those in 5th grade through 8th are able to participate in Jazz Band.

  • Art

    Art is taught in an atmosphere where young children are able to learn art skills in a personally meaningful way. Each child is encouraged to create their artwork, while using their own creative touch. The special use of color, lines, paints, pencils, shapes, designs, shadowing and symmetry are just some of the techniques taught. During art class, students prepare many of their own masterpieces, which are displayed at the annual Spring Art Show.

  • Theater

    One of the most anticipated fine arts programs of the year is the all-school musical. All students in grades K-8 are invited to participate in this activity, which is presented in the school auditorium for 3 nights to family, friends and the local community.