Middle School (5-8)

At Butler Catholic School we attempt to ensure that success is attained by all of our students, and a life-long love of learning is stimulated. Butler Catholic Middle School equips students in grades 5-8 through a variety of learning experiences that build the relationships, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. It is through these varied experiences that students become independent learners and thinkers in preparation for high school success.

As a Catholic school, our middle school program is permeated with a spirit of mutual respect and concern for each individual. Beginning in the fifth grade, students are grouped academically for reading and math in order to ensure higher level thinking skills are nurtured and developed. The curriculum at this age is specifically designed to foster a smooth transition as middle school students. Rich instructional opportunities throughout the middle school years lead to a very special eighth grade year where students celebrate their academic success with many exciting programs and events. The Eighth Grade Graduate Studies Program is a culmination of their learning experiences where students explore possible career choices sparked by discussions and research done in the classroom.  Our eighth graders travel to the Fatima Shrine in New York for a religious celebration and visit Niagara Falls. They participate in the Physics Day at Kennywood Park and create their Eighth Grade Legacy Mural. An awards ceremony as well as the annual graduation Mass is also celebrated.

Faith Development
Religion at Butler Catholic School is composed of a triad of independent study, community service / liturgy, and technology. Classes are scripture-based with the use of the Bible as the text. The upper level “My Faith Journey” catechetical program has the students create their own Biblical portfolio throughout the year. Students attend weekly Mass as a class and learn the principles and skills of Christian Servant Leadership through their active participation in a variety of school-wide and grade-specific service projects. Seventh and Eighth grade Students are required to perform 40 hours of community service per year.

A holistic approach to education is taken at Butler Catholic School which is why in addition to our elementary school, our middle school program also includes classes in art, music, physical education, religion, foreign language and computer technology.

Middle School students also have opportunities to participate in a variety of enriching activities before and after school including Band, Robotics, Yearbook, Forensics, Student Council, Service Projects, and more! These activities help to promote and celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each child.