Above & Beyond Enrichment Program

Above & Beyond the Classroom
Above and Beyond is a cross-curricular, small group enrichment program that addresses the needs of students who would benefit from an additional challenge to their learning. Students will be working toward their individualized academic goals, based on their specific aptitude evaluation and ability level.

Butler Catholic School is committed to ensuring each child reaches their highest potential, and recognizes the need for enrichment education for identified students. The purpose of the Above and Beyond Program is to provide identified students with extended learning opportunities to address their academic abilities and talents. In the enrichment program, students will be exposed to supplemental, thematic units that will stretch their intellectual ability through project based learning. The units go above and beyond their classroom instruction, giving them the ability to use their gifts, talents, and creativity through higher level thinking activities. Student identification for the program starts at the beginning of second grade, and the Above & Beyond Program is offered to students in grades 2-4.

Student Eligibility/Identification Guidelines for Above & Beyond

  • An achievement of the 80th percentile on the latest IOWA test in Reading/Math/Composite scores
  • A significant score above the DIBELS Benchmark
  • Consistent outstanding classwork – including active participation, test scores, projects
  • An enthusiastic approach to learning that includes persevering to complete tasks even when “it gets tough”
  • Maintaining current academic performance in classroom work