Welcoming Robotics Back to BCS

Welcoming Robotics back to Butler Catholic School! Several years ago robotics was an after school club at BCS, and now it is back stronger than ever. Robotics is one of our new “Passion Class” electives available to 6th through 8th grade students. Mr. Richard Dudley, class instructor, is excited to be teaching Robotics at BCS. “Robotics is a class designed to challenge students’ minds while inspiring their imagination and nurturing their desire to build solutions to complex problems. Using Lego Mindstorms, we’ll create robots which can lift a sunken submarine, map unknown caves, plant an orchard on Mars, or deliver snacks to Sister. Our technology goals include learning some basics of robot design and computer programming, while our social goals include collaborative learning, peer teaching and problem solving. Our students are already off to a great start with an introductory build to make sure everyone is familiar with Technics bricks and Mindstorms programming.”