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Student council leaders move forward

BCS Student Council officers were sworn in during a special ceremony following Mass Nov. 12!

“We were called up one by one and were given a pin with a pledge that stated we promise to help and serve our school,” said Ava Roxberry, council president. “After that, we were blessed with holy water.”

This year’s other officers are Brea Kelley (vice-president); Ruby Wissinger (treasurer); and Addison Johns (secretary).

Council also includes representatives from grades six through eight. These students act on behalf of their classmates and are involved in various activities throughout the year.

Eighth grade is represented by Anna Claire Dudley and Madison Romanovich; seventh grade by Mateo Saspe; and both sixth grade classes by Caroline Bradrick, Alexa Coyle, Cameron Dorcy, Isla Leyland, and Kamryn Martin.

Our council students meet during lunch to discuss ideas and plans for activities at BCS. In the past, this has included everything from organizing a snack cart to creating CandyGrams. Our students are always looking for ways to engage classes while supporting BCS and the communities around it.

“My plans for the student council as the president are to have more fun things for the kids, to make more things to do around school,” Ava said. “I can’t wait to help the future of this school and become more engaged each and every day.”

Watch the Nov. 12 installation of student council members on the BCS Facebook page!

A word from BCS Student Council

Hello from the 2021-2022 Butler Catholic School Student Council! We are very grateful to be welcomed to this year’s student council, and we will work every day to help our school.

One of the things we run as student council is our food drive, held this year in November. We think this is a great way to give to the less fortunate in our community and show our support as a school. Our food drive proceeds go to St. Vincent de Paul. Some of the many items we collect include peanut butter, pasta, canned vegetables, and gravy mix, but all non-perishable foods are always appreciated.

As student council, we are also planning to have Jean Days. These non-uniform school days usually happen once a month. The dress theme is always developed by members of the student council. By making a $1 donation to student council in exchange for wearing non-uniform clothes in November, staff and students are supporting the Saint Joseph Orphanage in Africa.

Follow student council’s work on the BCS Facebook page!