STREAM Starting again for 2019-2020 School Year

One of the unique components of our BCS curriculum is our STREAM program. Each Friday, students engage in a cross-disciplined session designed to feature Science, Technology, Religion, Arts and Mathematics.

For one of our first STREAM afternoons of the school year, the third grade students were given the task of helping to Save Fred, the gummy worm. In the first station, students were given the task of helping Fred reach his life preserver using only the materials provided by the teacher – 2 paper clips and a plastic cup. In the second station, students had to save Fred by keeping him dry when submerged in water. This time, students were given a clear plastic cup, tape, and 2 rubber bands. In both stations students had to work with a partner to brainstorm a way to help save Fred and evaluate why their idea worked or did not work.

The students are having a great time learning in this hands-on environment! Look for additional STREAM features throughout the school year.