Pumpkin Roll Goes On

It started out in May as an empty city lot next to the school, and a bunch of pumpkin seeds. After months of care, those seeds resulted in over 80 pumpkins being harvested from the BCS Pumpkin Patch. Today the entire school celebrated that harvest, and the autumn season in our first annual Pumpkin Roll. Despite having to cancel the original plans of having the Pumpkin Roll as a community event with food trucks, a roll down East Locust and other fun activities, our school was able to modify plans and create today’s fun event for the students.
The pumpkin roll was a tournament of sorts, with each grade going head to head in sending their chosen pumpkins rolling down the slope. The winners of each grade went on to the second round, which had three grades going against each other. The winners of the second round had a grand championship “rolloff”, with the Champion class, Room 214, winning a pizza party.
Fun was had by all, but perhaps the biggest takeaway from today was the kindness, caring nature, and generosity of our BCS families. As part of today’s event, BCS held two fundraisers, the proceeds of which will go to the family of Mary Maloney, a student at Blessed Seelos Academy who was recently injured in a trampoline accident. The students had a $1 jean day on Monday, and were also able to buy raffle tickets for a basket of student-only items (free jeans day passes, free lunch tickets, free ice cream coupons, and some homework-free passes). Because of the outpouring of support from so many, we will be sending $1500 to this wonderful family to help with medical and other expenses.
Please join us in keeping Mary and her family in prayer, that God may give them strength, courage, peace and love.