Prepared for Preschool

This year holds lots of excitement at Butler Catholic School, especially for our newest students! Three- and 4-year-old preschoolers start this week, and we’re excited to welcome them!

Principal Sister John Ann said seeing preschool in full-swing is an exciting time at BCS.

“It will be fun!” Sister John Ann explained.

Our preschoolers got a sneak-peak of their classrooms last week during Meet the Teacher Night. With a new five-day option in addition to our traditional three-day program, BCS continues meeting the needs of families.

“I’m excited to start teaching five days a week!” said preschool teacher Tonya Briggs. “I think it’s great for the kids.”

Additional days of learning expose students to more structure and social interaction, further preparing them for kindergarten.

Erin Stewart said her son, Bradley, will be attending preschool five days a week. Erin is looking forward to him and his siblings being able to share the school day.

“We’re excited to have him in the same building,” Erin said.

Bradley was excited to see his classroom has lots of exciting toys to play with. Aside from reading, he’s also looking forward to learning with his classmates.

“I know some of them,” Bradley explained.

Chet Leech said his son, James, will be excited to learn about and play with dinosaurs and cars. James is also attending preschool five days a week.

“Getting use to the five-day schedule is going to be good for him,” Chet added.

As the year progresses and families learn about the great opportunities BCS offers, Mrs. Briggs expects the five-day preschool program will be very popular.

“I do feel like it’s going to take off,” Mrs. Briggs said.

We’re looking forward to seeing our preschool students grow and develop at BCS!