Kindergarten Kick Off 2018

Butler Catholic School welcomed its incoming Kindergarten Class on Thursday, August 2nd at the annual Kindergarten Kick Off event.  Coach “Sky” led thirty of our newest Kindergartners through a series of warm-ups, and then the new students were off with the help of eight BCS middle-school students to participate in a series of fun and interactive activities.  Due to the renovations being made in the gym, the event was once again held this year in the auditorium.  The Kindergarten students didn’t seem to mind at all where the games were played.  They were just excited to get to know each other better, and make new friends before the first day of school.  After the activities, families brought picnic blankets and enjoyed their dinners outside on the lawn, and then everyone celebrated a great Kick-Off to Kindergarten with snow cones. Thank you to all our new Kindergarten families for participating in this fun event.