Ice Cream Social brings families together

Butler Catholic’s annual Ice Cream Social met with sweet success as families gathered to celebrate the return to school. 

“Everybody is busy in the summer,” said Principal Sister John Ann. “But this is a fun time, when people just come together. 

Volunteers served ice cream generously donated by Mazzanti’s Beans & Cream. They also helped distribute gym uniforms and year-books to our students and their families. 

“It’s a chance for every-one to get together and get excited for the school year,” said parent volunteer Erin Stewart. 

Lisa Sommers, another parent volunteer, said one of the best parts of the event was being able to have it in person. 

“We’re finally back together as a community!” Lisa said. 

Tanya Morin attended the social with her fifth-grade daughter, LoriAnn, who can’t wait to return to volleyball when school starts. Tanya said the social was a fun way for LoriAnn to get back into the swing of school. 

“She gets to involve herself with the kids and events,” Tanya said. 

Sarah Edwards and her sons, Fred and Charlie, are looking forward to the first day of school.

Fred, who is going into second grade, and Charlie, who is in preschool, said their favorite part is gym. For Sarah, it’s having options for extended education.

“I’m really excited about the 5 day preschool,” Sarah said. 

Sister John Ann said the social is a great way to wind up for the new school year.