Happy to be back!

The 2021-22 year is off to an amazing start at Butler Catholic School! Students and teachers were excited to return Monday for a full day of classes.

“It’s good to have the kids back!” said Principal Sister John Ann.

After arriving at school early Monday morning, our students participated in a school-wide welcome in the gym. Father Kevin gave a blessing before Sister John Ann introduced kids to their teachers.

Amelia Bicker is a fourth grader who is already looking forward to what this school year will bring. The first day of school is one of her favorite days, because she gets to see people she hasn’t seen for several months.

“I’m looking forward to meeting my teacher and seeing all my friends after the summer,” Amelia said.

Of all the classes BCS offers, Amelia especially likes reading and art. Both things will help her achieve her dream of becoming an interior designer.

“I just have really good ideas,” Amelia said.

Second grader Mason Do also likes to read. He said resources like the BCS library are fun ways to stay involved. What are some of his favorite books?

“Dr. Suess,” Mason said.

The first day of school is just as exciting for teachers! Fourth-grade teacher Elizabeth Baptiste and fifth-grade teacher Sara Skwirut are happy to be seeing students face-to-face.

For them, this year is about building solid relationships with new students. The first day of school can really set the tone for that.

“We’re doing a lot of getting-to-know-you activities,” Elizabeth said.

Sara’s class spent their first day in the classroom participating in an escape room. The idea was for kids to learn about each other while working together.

“So they can kind of mingle and get to know each other,” Sara said.

Combined with the enthusiasm of our kids and staff, strong class sizes that include many new students project a robust future at BCS.

“We’re looking forward to a year of growth and everybody being here five days a week,” Sister John Ann explained.

As the year progresses, we will be closely monitoring diocesan, state, and local guidelines for a safe and productive academic year.

“The kids are real troopers,” Sister John Ann added. “And so are the teachers.”