Garden Club First Planting

Twenty nine students in 3rd and 4th grade stayed after school on Friday, October 20th for our first BCS Garden Club meeting.  After prepping the planting beds by weeding and adding fertilizer to the soil, the students, led by Mrs. Hinterlang and Miss Moses, planted each of the beds with different plants and seeds.

Bed #1 is now full of strawberry plants.  Three varieties were planted, which should all bear fruit next year.  Some of the plants are May/June bearers, and others are everbearing, giving us strawberries at different times throughout the spring and summer.

Bed #2 was planted with our “aromatics”.   Chives, Garlic, and Shallots were planted in this bed; the garlic will be ready to harvest late next spring.  The shallots will be starting to grow right away, and may be harvested before the winter freeze sets in.  The chives will be ready to start harvesting in just a few short weeks. They are expected to grow over winter and also produce next year.

Bed #3 is our Lettuce garden.   The students planted 3 types of lettuce – a looseleaf  variety, a Bibb variety, and a special cold-weather-friendly variety.  The first leaves of lettuce will hopefully be ready to harvest and enjoy around Thanksgiving! This bed will serve as an experiment of sorts as we see how the different types grow in the cool weather, and how long they can survive once the cold temperatures really set in.

Bed #4 is our Mixed Vegetable bed.   Here the students planted Carrots, Beets, Spinach and Radishes.   We chose types that all have short growing times, with hopes that we will be able to harvest around or shortly after Thanksgiving.     Once again, we will be experimenting and seeing how long they will continue to grow once the cold weather sets in.

All of the beds have cold-frame covers on them, which will help the plants inside grow and live longer than if there were just planted in a regular garden plot.   We are all excited to see how the growing process goes, and we are waiting anxiously for our first vegetables to be harvested!

In the coming weeks, the students will monitor all of the plants’ progress, keep the beds weeded and watered, and add shredded leaves as mulch to help keep the roots warm and aid in growth of the plants.