Fire Truck Day October 16

What is better than one truck on Fire Truck day? Two Fire Trucks!! Monday, October 16th was Butler Catholic School’s Annual Fire Truck Day.  For the last 15 years the Butler City Fire Department has brought a fire truck to school in order to promote and discuss fire safety with our preschool and kindergarten students.  This year Butler City Fire Fighters IAFF Local 114 brought 2 trucks to school, allowing students to really get close to the trucks, and even climb through them.   Traci Riston, Kindergarten teacher and organizer of the day’s event said, “This is such an exciting day for our students.  I personally love how the firemen dress up in their gear and talk to the children about not being afraid of them if they were ever in that situation.”   Two firefighters dressed in their full gear with oxygen tanks, and got low to the ground like they would in case of a real fire.  They then crawled and gave each student a high-five.  We are so thankful for the Butler City Fire Department in how they serve our community, and their commitment to teaching our young people about fire safety.