Feathered fun!

It’s not everyday Butler Catholic students has a gender reveal party for classroom chickens! But students in fourth grade and kindergarten gathered May 4 to celebrate Olaf, Rocky, Rosy, and Peanut—who turned out to be a rooster and three hens, respectively.
“We have been so excited to find out if our little classmates are boy chickens or girl chickens,” said Mrs. Jordan, whose classroom hatched the birds.
Mrs. Jordan’s students have been studying and taking care of the chickens for several weeks. One of the things they recently learned about was how laboratories can use feather samples to test DNA and find out if a chicken is male or female.
Once Mrs. Jordan got the results for Olaf, Rocky, Rosy, and Peanut, she was excited to share the news.
“I wanted to make it a special little party,” Mrs. Jordan said.
She also wanted to make it a learning experience. Using 30 plastic eggs, Mrs. Jordan filled 26 with fun fowl facts and four with the results of the DNA tests. Students were each given one egg and shared the contents with the class.
The birds will be going home with students in Mrs. Jordan’s class, but every student will be taking home a unique class experience!