DARE Graduation

Each year all fifth graders at BCS participate in 10 week DARE program sponsored by the Butler County Sheriffs Department.  Led by Deputy Harry Callithen, the program teaches children how to handle peer pressure, bullying and anti-smoking.  To graduate from the program all students are required to write an essay on what they have leaned throughout the 10 weeks.  Deputy Callithen selected the best essays, and this year’s winners included:  3rd place winners were Sean C. and Bridget P.; 2nd place winners were Tyler S. and Cassie S.; and 1st place winners were Brad R. and Isabella H.  Congratulations to Brad R. who was the overall winner.  A graduation ceremony was hosted at Butler Catholic School on December 16th.  Fifth grader Samantha C. opened the ceremony by singing the National Anthem.  All essays winners received an award, and Brad R. read his report to the audience.  All fifth grade students were recognized on their achievement in finishing the DARE program, and congratulated by a number of Butler police officers and dignitaries’ including Dale Pinkerton and William McCarrier.  To see pictures from the award ceremony, visit our photo gallery page.  Congratulations to our Fifth grade class on their DARE graduation!