CWNCHS Community Partner Spotlight

One of our valued Community Partners is Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School.    We recently talked with Megan O’Hara of CWNCHS about the school and their continued support of our Community Partner Program.

Q: We are grateful for your continued support of Butler Catholic School through our Community Partner program.   Can you share some information with us as to your decision to renew your commitment to this program, and to Catholic education?

We are pleased to offer our continued support to Butler Catholic School’s Community Partner Program. With our belief in supporting our greater Catholic community, the decision to maintain our involvement was an easy one.  At Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic, we strive to inspire and help to make a difference in the lives of students through Catholic education.  It is our continued mission to shape our youth into Christ-centered adults who lead intellectual, ethical and practical lives.  We believe supporting the Community Partner Program will not only enhance the opportunities for the students of BCS, but also instill fundamental teachings that enable them to lead faith-filled lives.

Q: BCS was recently honored with an Innovations in Catholic Education Award for their Community Partnership Program.  As an organization that has been a Community Partner since the program’s inception, how does it make you feel to be part of a now nationally recognized program? 

We are truly  honored to be a part of your vision and success.  Pulling together as disciples of Christ to support our Catholic community aligns with our core values at CWNC. Your success with your challenging curriculum, community involvement and continued vision to instill a strong Catholic identify to the lives of your students is a true testament of an award well earned!

Q: BCS has used the funds given through the Community Partnership Program to enhance our school’s technology initiative.  Why do you think it is important to help students achieve digital fluency and become responsible 21st century learners? 

We strive to focus on the future and offer unprecedented opportunities to our students.  Technology plays a critical role in our evolving world.  Educating students through technology not only prepares them for their future, but it allows them to become immersed in endless opportunities that not only enhance their learning, but helps them to become innovative future leaders.