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Bloom and grow

Garden Club continues learning how to grow and give at Butler Catholic School!

Earlier this month, members of our fifth- and sixth-grade Garden Club group met in the school garden to clean out and prepare the beds for fall.

While working on the vegetable patch, students discovered there were still some radishes and leeks that beat recent frosts. The late harvest was divided up between students, who took the produce home to enjoy with their families.

Students also had the opportunity to plant two types of garlic bulbs in the garden in preparation for next year. The lesson included planting a German variety, as well as one from California. Come next summer, students will be able to compare the two types to see which is hardier and can survive in our region’s hardiness zone.

The Garden Club continues to learn the importance of sharing God’s bounty with others. Club students in grades 3 through 6 recently decorated cups and planted paperwhite flowers to give to local nursing home residents.

The project—which has been a BCS tradition for three years—allows students to learn about planting indoor plants. It also is an opportunity to bring joy to those in the community who may not be able to spend much time outside during the winter.

The paperwhite project involved planting roughly 200 flowers. Students prepared extra to give to the nursing homes, to take home, and to sell as a Garden Club fundraiser. It’s a blessing for BCS to be able to share the fruits of the earth with others!

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