BCS students celebrate All Souls Day

October and November bring important celebrations for the souls of those who are deceased. At Butler Catholic School, students have been joining in special ceremonies to honor the faithful departed.

Our seventh and eighth grade students recently participated in an All Souls Day celebration.

Nov. 2 is the commemoration of all the faithful departed, or All Souls. On this day, we pray that all who have died, our loved ones, and all people around the world—including those we may never meet—through the mercy of God will rest in peace.

Under the direction of BCS theology teacher Sr. Teresa Baldi, the student-led event sought to remember all those who have died, especially those who passed within the last year.

Students submitted names of those they wished to remember. During the ceremony, the names became part of a litany specifically asking God to let His perpetual light shine upon all souls.

In the same celebration, students prayed for the victims of war and those caught in the crossfire of conflicts; those left behind; victims of emergencies, national disasters, physical ailments, and COVID-19; migrants; first responders’ victims of hunger; and victims of human trafficking.

The ceremony continues to be an important reminder for our students that praying for the souls of the departed is a hallmark of the three pillars of Christianity: faith, hope, and love.