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BCS shows it cares!

The pandemic has been exhausting, particularly for those on the front lines in our hospitals and emergency services.

At Butler Catholic School, our students recently offered some relief to those who work in Butler Memorial Hospital by preparing and donating 225 handmade care bags.

“We wanted to boost their spirits,” said Principal Sister John Ann. “This is just one way to thank the people who are daily surrounded by pain and hurt.”

Each care bag included an apple to celebrate fall, snacks, notes of encouragement and thank-yous from our students, and individual ‘brain break’ activities to help hospital staff relax.

The bags were blessed at the school-wide mass Oct. 1. A group of students took them to the hospital to be distributed the same day.

“Everybody in school did something,” said Sister John Ann.

The activity was prompted by a BCS parent, who contacted the school asking if hospital staff could be included in our prayers.

In addition to praying for our front line workers, we decided the gift bags would be a tangible reminder of the community’s love and support.

Christ calls us to be stewards of God’s grace. No matter how long the pandemic lasts, it’s important we remember to encourage each other and assist where we can.

“We need to recognize the work that our doctors and nurses do to protect us,” Sister John Ann explained. “This was a community effort for the community.”

BCS is committed to staying vigilant while offering students and families a safe, productive learning environment.