BCS A Great Place to Start – Ms. Molly Moses ’09

BCS, A Great Place to Start! For Miss Molly Moses, this statement couldn’t hold more truth.  Miss Moses a 2009 graduate of Butler Catholic School has returned to her alma-mater to teach as a full-time substitute for third grade teacher Mrs. Jordan who is on maternity leave.

Miss Moses stated, “It is a very special memory I now hold to have my first day of school as a student, and my first day of school as a teacher, at the same location.”

The Butler Catholic Alumna said she was drawn back to the school where she attended Kindergarten through 8th grade because of the close-knit community and small class-sizes.  “I wanted to work at a school where I could get to know each student individually.”  Miss Moses has an opportunity to do just that at BCS, as her classroom has 12 third graders.

But more than just returning to her alma-mater, Ms. Moses has returned to her BCS family.  On the first day of school when asked to take a class photo with students, Miss Moses encouraged her students to surround her and proclaimed, “This is our first family picture!”

Ms. Moses is Principal Sister John Ann’s first hire of a former student returning as a teacher. Ms. Moses holds a BS in Early Childhood and Special Education from Grove City College, and will be teaching at BCS through December.  Butler Catholic School welcomes home Miss Molly Moses’09!