Band steps off on the right note

We’re excited to announce Butler Catholic School’s band is back in full swing as of Sept. 20!

After temporarily stopping band last year out of an abundance of caution, our students are happy to be learning how to play again.

“We’re going to take our time,” explained band director Jim Metzger, adding many students may not have seen or played their instrument in over a year.

It’s important for our students to ease into band by reviewing what they know already. Using favorite classics and new music sheets, students will grasp the fundamentals of playing before advancing their knowledge further.

While our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were able to have about five months of band during the 2019-20 school year, our fifth graders haven’t been around instruments in school for longer.

That’s getting ready to change. Under Mr. Metzger’s guidance, our students are preparing for a band event in early October.

In the meantime, they’ll be practicing, practicing, practicing, showing their classmates how band is a great opportunity to learn new skills while having fun.

“The older students are going to learn some songs that they can use to promote the band program,” Mr. Metzger said.

We’re excited to hear the progress they make!

For information about how to join, contact BCS at 724-285-4276 or

Stay tuned’ to BCS band events by visiting the BCS website or finding “Butler Catholic School” on Facebook.