Above & Beyond Family Night

Butler Catholic School held their first Family Night for the new Above and Beyond program on May 30, 2018. The night was designed to showcase some of the projects students in grades 2-4 have been working on throughout the semester. Starting the evening off, students exercised their enhanced public speaking skills as they presented the introduction to start the evening off. Families were invited to browse the science exhibits, asking questions to the student experts on their research projects. Each of the grades had a different theme for their project. The second graders learned beginning research skills as they navigated the internet in search of information on their natural disaster topics. Once they completed that, they created models to enhance their exhibit.  The third graders researched weather instruments. They learned what they are used for and a bit of history behind them. Following the research, the third grade students were given the unique challenge of creating weather instruments that work! The students in fourth grade researched magnets and then created a magnetic device of some sort. The devices ranged from electric motors and spinning pens, to magnetic slime and a compass.  Along with the science exhibits, the 3rd graders proudly displayed their poetry books. Click here to view pictures of all the students’ projects.

Above and Beyond is a cross-curricular, small group enrichment program that addresses the needs of students who would benefit from an additional challenge to their learning.  The program, led by Mrs. Kate Jordan, provides identified students with extended learning opportunities to address their academic abilities and talents. “The Above and Beyond program has been a wonderful experience for both myself and my students. The students come eager to learn, and are always up for whatever challenge I present them with” stated Jordan.

Butler Catholic School is committed to ensuring each child reaches their highest potential, and recognizes the need for enrichment education.  During Butler Catholic School’s re-accreditation process this year through the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, the Above & Beyond Program was specifically mentioned in their approval for accreditation report as a program that exceeded their expectations and commended Butler Catholic School for “recognizing the urgent need to address high achieving students as well as struggling learners by implementing the “Above and Beyond Program.”

A special thank you to Mrs. Kate Jordan for her role in the success of the Above & Beyond Program, and the growth that her students have achieved this year.  Mrs. Jordan is also thankful for the program, and stated, “I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to offer this program to our students here at BCS. The students have impressed me with their talent, their pride, and the effort they have put into everything they do. I’m very proud of them. I’m proud of how much they have grown as individuals and as leaders.”