8th Grade Honors and Recognition Night

We at Butler Catholic School are very proud of outstanding young men and women in the 8th grade class that have dedicated themselves to outstanding scholarship and servant leadership throughout their years at BCS. It was our pleasure to recognize those students on Monday, June 3rd at the Honors and Recognition Program for their achievements. Here is the list of awards given and their recipients:

Presidential Education Excellence Awards: Aaron Short, Chiara Sloboda, Tyler Stoops & Rigel Weakland
PA Senator Scott E. Hutchinson Citizenship Award: Savannah Briggs & Joshua Kelly
Knight of Columbus Catholic Citizen Essay Contest: Bridget Preston
America Legion Award: Bridget Preston & Rigel Weakland
St. Joseph High School Scholarships: Bridget Preston, Aaron Short, Lauren VanFossen

Academic Subject Awards:
Scholarship Award: highest grade point average per school year; Excellence Award: second highest grade point average per school year; Merit Award: recognized by teacher for excellence in subject area regardless of grade point average

Faith Development: Scholarship, Isabella Holman; Excellence, Chiara Sloboda; Merit,  Anastasia Benson, Joshua Kelly & Justin Smith
Science: Scholarship, Savannah Briggs; Excellence, Rigel Weakland; Merit, Joshua Kelly, Chiara Sloboda & Tyler Stoops
Literature: Scholarship, Joshua Kelly & Aaron Short; Excellence, Lauren VanFossen; Merit, Bridget Preson
English: Scholarship, Chiara Sloboda; Excellence, Savannah Briggs; Merit, Cassidy Safran, Justin Smith & Rigel Weakland
Social Studies: Scholarship, Chiara Sloboda; Excellence, Savannah Briggs; Merit, Isabella Holman, Bridget Preston & Rigel Weakland
Spanish: Scholarship, Savannah Briggs; Excellence, Cassidy Safran; Merit, Rigel Weakland
Art: Scholarship, Tyler Stoops; Excellence, Isabella Holman; Merit, Brad Roxberry
Physical Education: Scholarship, Rigel Weakland; Excellence, Cassidy Safran; Merit, Brad Roxberry
Technology: Scholarship, Savannah Briggs; Excellence, Joshua Kelly; Merit, Tyler Stoops
Music: Scholarship, Evan Dancik; Excellence, Mikayla Wabe; Merit, Rigel Weakland
Geometry: Scholarship, Chiara Sloboda; Excellence, Rigel Weakland
Algebra: Scholarship, Isabella Holman; Excellence, Justin Smith; Merit, Lauren VanFossen
Pre-Algebra: Scholarship: Joshua Kelly; Merit, Brad Roxberry