7th and 8th Grade Science Fair

Butler Catholic 7th and 8th grade students had the opportunity to present and discuss their science projects at the annual Butler Catholic School Science Fair, Wednesday, January 17th.  Each 7th and 8th grader presented a board with their hypothesis, research, and results.  Family and friends were invited to ask the students questions about their findings and what they learned.  Mrs. Chobot, Butler Catholic science teacher explains that the science fair is a natural extension of the classroom to help students more fully engage in the scientific process with a subject that interests them. It also helps the students understand the importance of effectively communicating scientific discoveries.

“Science is all about investigating questions and coming up with possible answers.  This involves repeated experimentation to test out hypotheses and getting the same results multiple times. This is what the science fair is trying to help the students understand.  We perform lab experiments in class that follow this scientific method, and the science fair is just a larger version of that; but it is their question that they are investigating” said Chobot.   Chobot continued, “Science also needs to be communicated; no one will know any of the discoveries made if scientists do not communicate that to others.  This is also an important skill that students need to know how to do.  That is the other purpose to the science fair.  It requires the students to take ownership of their project and communicate their findings.  This leaves the possibility of someone replicating the experiment and getting the same result–then we have possible answers!”

Chobot is also the Faculty Advisor for the PA Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) group at Butler Catholic School. “PJAS allows the students to compete with their project and really know about and share their findings.  They have to be able to do the required science, but then communication is a big part of it too” Chobot shared.  Butler Catholic School has 11 students participating in PJAS this year.  The Regional Competition is on Saturday, February 24.