Sister John Ann Mulhern, CDP


“I believe that every child can learn. We, as educators, need to find the way to help make that happen.”

Personal and Professional Background
I have been the Principal of Butler Catholic School since 2003. I began my teaching career in 1961 as a seventh grade teacher. Thirteen years later, I became a Principal for the first time and have been serving in that position in Michigan and Pennsylvania since then.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from LaRoche College, my Master’s degree from Clarion University, my Administration Certificate from Duquesne University. I did post graduate work at the University of Detroit, Washborn University, Wayne State University and Boston College. I have served on many Middle States Peer Evaluation Teams, being the chair person on most of them.

An educator can never stop learning or rest on previous accomplishment. The children who sit in front of us this year are not the same as those who sat there last year. Even if their names remain the same, they are different. We must be prepared to meet those differences to help our students to be the best student – the best person – he or she can be.

My family lives in Virginia. The Religious Community to which I belong, the Sisters of Divine Providence, is based in Allison Park, PA. La Roche College is on our campus. Of the 61 years of being a “nun,” I have spent 58 years working with children. How lucky can I be!!!

What Do You Feel Makes Butler Catholic Special?
Butler Catholic School is special because of the people who make up BCS. It is everyone working together – students, teachers, staff, parents and administration that completes the circle of family community.

During the next five years, I see Butler Catholic growing as an outstanding Catholic Institution where academic excellence is achievable for every student and Gospel values to be the very fiber of their lives. Academically, our students will be well prepared to be leaders in a technology-driven world where they make decisions based on what is good for all as spoken by Jesus. Being firm in their faith, confident in their learning, and fluent in communications, our students will help shape the world of the 21st century.

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