Mrs. Jayne Chobot

6th Grade

“In the classroom I try to see what students already know and build on that knowledge. I believe in making sure that foundations are taught well. I try to bring different experiences to students through different media, special projects, and field trips.”

Personal and Professional Background
I have been teaching at Butler Catholic for tweleve years, and currently teach math for grades 5, 6, and 8, and science for grades 6 through 8.  I am a native of Butler, and graduated from Butler High School.  I have a B.S. in Business Administration from LaSalle University and a B.S. in Education from Slippery Rock University.  I also have a Master’s degree in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics.  I graduated Summa cum laude for all of my degrees.

Prior to teaching at BCS, I taught at several Catholic Schools, a Jewish Academy, and public school.  My experience includes teaching all grades K-8 and all subjects.

I am married and have two grown daughters, Sarah and Jennifer, and three grandchildren, Finn, Erik and Lily. I have three pets: Lucky my cat, Daisy my dog, and Boomer my horse.  Outside the classroom, I enjoy doing ceramics and riding my horse, Boomer.

I am a member of St. Paul’s Church, and my favorite prayer is the Serenity Prayer because it reminds me that I can’t control everything, and sometimes have to let go and let God.

What Do You Feel Makes Butler Catholic Special?
I love teaching at Butler Catholic School. I think that the sense of community among the students, families and faculty at Butler Catholic School make it a place of being welcome and belonging to a “family.”

Staff Information
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Sixth Grade Homeroom Room 211
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