Great beginnings last a lifetime! We truly believe that statement and we do everything that we can to make it a reality at Butler Catholic. Butler Catholic School is the best choice you can make to prepare your child academically, emotionally, and spiritually for today’s world.

Rooted in the Catholic faith, we recognize the dignity of each child in our care. Our curriculum challenges the students to use their gifts to their fullest potential. Our state certified teachers are there to teach, guide, and help the students to do their best.

Knowing that balance in life is very important, our extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to develop their other gifts.

High academic expectations, fun activities, caring faculty and staff, and hard-working students all work together to create an atmosphere where all can grow to be the best respectful, responsible reflection of Jesus that is possible for each to be.

We, the staff, the faculty, the parents, and the students of Butler Catholic School want to share with you just how special our school is. After viewing the information we have provided on this web site, it is our sincere hope that you will take that next step toward enrolling at Butler Catholic School. Come and see Butler Catholic in action. Welcome to our place where academic excellence and Gospel values come together.

Sister John Ann Mulhern
Principal, CDP