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NEW FOR 2021-2022 — St. Pope John Paul II STAR (Student Tuition Assistance Resource) Program.   Funded by a generous donor who encourages families of all faiths to consider pursing a Catholic School education, four schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are participating in the program this year.    Butler Catholic is excited to be one of those four.   A press release from Bishop Zubik and the Diocese of Pittsburgh is here.

We encourage all families interested in a Catholic education for their child to apply at Butler Catholic, and to apply for the STAR Program as well.

As the school year fast approaches, Butler Catholic School continues to receive details regarding the St. Pope John Paul II STAR program.

STAR—which stands for Student Tuition Assistance Resource—was recently established through the Diocese of Pittsburgh through the generosity of an anonymous donor.

As specified by the donor, the program will initially assist families of Butler County’s Butler Catholic, Holy Sepulcher, and St. Wendelin schools, as well as St. Joseph High School in Natrona Heights.

Sister John Ann Mulhern, principal of Butler Catholic School, said the new scholarship program is aptly named after St. Pope John Paul II. 

From forgiving his assassin to meeting some of the world’s most shunned communities, St. Pope John Paul II believed love must be lived.

Despite what popular culture often depicts, Sister John Ann said real love isn’t necessarily the “mushy, gushy kind.”

“Love is the commitment you make to put the other person first,” Sister John Ann said. “Hopefully, the STAR students will be able to feel that.”

Emily Stefaniak has two sons who transferred from a public school district to Butler Catholic last year. They are now entering fourth and eighth grades.

Stefaniak said her family made the decision to transfer after seeing how her eldest son flourished in Catholic high school.

“Our oldest had such a fantastic experience that we decided to jump on board earlier,” Stefaniak said.

One of the things that Stefaniak said specifically drew her to Butler Catholic was the school’s representation of parental values. These aren’t always easy to spot in public education, according to Stefaniak.

“We just want the entire environment to align with our mission to raise fine young men,” Stefaniak said.

Small class sizes also contributed to their decision to transfer to Butler Catholic, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

For Stefaniak, Butler Catholic has become a place where her sons and family feel embraced. 

“I think feeling valued and feeling like you matter in today’s word is important,” Stefaniak said. “You can’t replace that.”

Stefaniak, who often discusses Butler Catholic education with her friends, said she’s excited to be able to offer another resource to those families who might hesitate to invest in a Catholic education.

“It’s nice to be able to share these programs with them and to share these experiences,” Stefaniak said.

Ultimately, Sister John Ann said she hopes the new scholarship program shows families that students can benefit from a faith-based school with a strong academic and moral background.

“Our goal is to help them grow in a relationship with Christ,” Sister John Ann said.

STAR scholarships can be combined with assistance students may currently receive from the Bishop’s Education Fund, Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarships, or other subsidies.

Families are encouraged to contact Butler Catholic at 724-285-4276 or as soon as possible for more information about applying for the scholarships. Applicants will be interviewed by an admissions coordinator.

Families do not need to qualify as low income, but must show financial need while still contributing toward tuition.

STAR is open to Catholics and non-Catholics who demonstrate commitment to some faith tradition. Families must agree to support the student’s spiritual and academic development, in part through registration and active participation in and support of their parish or faith community. 

Similarly, students must demonstrate commitment to academic progress and show evidence of good character. They must participate in at least one activity through their faith community.

For more information and to apply, please contact School Principal Sister John Ann Mulhern 724-285-4276 or complete this simple online referral form.


We understand that investing in a Catholic education for your child is an important financial decision. At Butler Catholic, we are committed to making this choice accessible to as many families as possible. The following is a review of the tuition at Butler Catholic as well as scholarships and financial aid available to you. We encourage you to contact Principal, Sister John Ann Mulhern, to discuss any financial concerns.  The cost to educate each child at Butler Catholic School is $7,629. The administration, Pastors Board and Advisory Board have worked hard to keep tuition well below the actual cost to educate. There is also a generous family discount to help accommodate families with more than one child.

Tuition Schedule 2022-2023

Kindergarten – 8th Grade
Tuition is paid in 12 monthly installments, July through June.

Tuition Plan Catholic Non-Catholic
Family Size 1 Child Second Child Third Child 1 Child
Annual Tuition $5,052 $3,036 $2,016 $6,828
Monthly Tuition Payment $421 $674 $842 $564
  • Tuition payments are payable over 12 months, July through June
  • Tuition payments are due on the first of the month.
  • Tuition is paid through the FACTS Management System.  For more information, please contact the School Office.

Preschool tuition is paid in 9 monthly installments, September through May.

Monthly Annually
3-year olds $157.00 $1,413.00
4-year olds THREE DAYS (half day) $192.00 $1,728.00
4-year olds THREE DAYS (all day) $347.00 $3,123.00
4-year olds FIVE DAYS (half day) $297.00 $2,673.00
4-year olds FIVE DAYS (all day) $535.00 $4,815.00

In addition to tuition, there are additional financial commitments each year. They are as follows:

Registration Fee
There is a non-refundable registration fee of $125 per family in Grades K-8. If you have a child in Preschool and K-8, the Preschool registration is included in the $125. If you only have a child in Preschool, the nonrefundable registration fee is $35.

Fundraising is a critical element of Butler Catholic’s operating budget. The Diocese of Pittsburgh expects every school to cover approximately 12% of their operating budget via fundraising.

Two fundraising programs are available to help families reduce their tuition costs: BC Bucks and Steelers Raffle.

Steelers Raffle

The Steeler Raffle contributes a significant portion to the annual operating budget, benefiting all Butler Catholic students. The raffle prize (season tickets) and printing costs are donated, making every ticket sold pure profit for the school

  • Each family must sell 20 Steelers raffle tickets for a BCS profit of $200.  
  • If over $35,000 is made, each BCS K-8 family gets a $50 credit toward their tuition during the month of December.
  • Participation in fundraising is not required for Preschool families.
    Note: If a family has a student in Preschool plus another student in K-8, the family commitment for service hours and fundraising participation is set at the K-8 level. There is not an additional commitment for Preschool.

BC Bucks

Families can reduce their tuition costs by participating in the BC Bucks gift card (Scrip) program. 50% of all rebates earned in the program are returned to the family as tuition credits.

  • Rebates are credited quarterly to families’ tuition accounts.
  • If a family has a credit balance at the end of the school year due to overpayment or the application of bcbucks rebates earned throughout the year, the overage will be applied toward next year’s tuition.

Service Hours (K-8 Families)
“When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love! And with the washing of the feet the Lord teaches us to be servants, and above all, servants as He was a servant to us, for every one of us.”   -Pope Francis

As Catholics, we are called to serve one another. This ethic of service is especially visible in our school community, as many of our programs including cafeteria, fundraisers, athletic programs, and student activities could not continue without significant volunteer hours. Butler Catholic families are asked to volunteer 40 hours of service to the school throughout the year.

  • Service Hours may be completed by any family member 16 years of age or older. Anyone over the age of 18 must have all Diocesan clearances
  • Service Hours must be recorded on the Service Hours log and returned to the office to receive credit.
  • The Coordinator/Chairperson of the event MUST sign the log before it is submitted.
  • Participation in service hours is not required for Preschool families.

Tuition Assistance
You have an important financial decision to make for your family. You must decide how to finance your child’s education at Butler Catholic School. The following is a brief summary of the tuition assistance programs available to you to help you afford this investment in your child. The Pastors and Principal at Butler Catholic School want to be a support to you in this process of financing your child’s tuition. We want to make sure that you have investigated and understand every option available to you. If you have any questions, please contact the school at 724-285-4276. Registration fees and tuition comprise 60% – 65% of the income for Butler Catholic School. Tuition assistance is available through the funds listed as well as a tuition credit program. Catholic rates are lower due to the Parish subsidy. You may inquire about a Parish subsidy from your own Parish and possibly reduce your amount of tuition. For the 2019-2020 school year, BCS families received over $126,000 in financial assistance.

Tuition Aid Application Process
Aid applications are processed by FACTS Management. Families applying for tuition aid in Catholic schools within the Diocese of Pittsburgh may do so by using the Grant & Aid application online link.

2021-2022 EITC/OSTC Income Maximums

# of Dependents

Maximum Income


$ 108,382


$ 124,604


$ 140,826


$ 157,048


$ 173,270

**Add $16,222 for each additional dependent

Following aid funds will be available to families depending on their eligibility.

  • Bishop’s Education Fund (BEF): This grant program is for Catholic students in grades K-12 attending eligible schools and registered in eligible parishes. This form requires the Pastor’s signature.  This form will need to be signed by the pastor and uploaded to FACTS.
  • Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC): This grant program is for any student in grades Preschool to 12 (Catholic or Non-Catholic) attending any eligible Catholic school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh that meet maximum income levels.
  • Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC): This grant program is for families with students in grades K-12 who meet EITC income guidelines and reside within the attendance boundaries of low-achieving schools as determined by the Commonwealth.

The application fee is $25, and the application deadline, is March 15, 2021.  If individual families have extenuating circumstances in meeting the deadline, we will be as flexible as possible in accommodating them.

After completing the online application, you will need to upload or fax all required supporting documentation.  For a detailed list of supporting documentation please read the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Program Information Flyer.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-441-4637 or call the school office at 724-285-4276.  All information needed to apply can also be found on the diocesan website.

Butler Area Assistance Programs

  • AmeriKohl Scholarship:  The mission of the Amerikohl Catholic School Scholarship Fund is to provide monetary assistance or full scholarship to elementary or secondary students who are currently enrolled, or wish to be enrolled, in Butler Catholic School or St. Joseph or North Catholic High Schools. Download Application here.
  • Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund:  This fund will make limited monies available to current and prospective students/families of Butler Catholic School.  The fund is available to qualified Catholic and non-Catholic families.  Please contact the school office for an application.

One last thought to leave you with regarding an education at Butler Catholic School. Things that we purchase for our children come and go, but the gifts of quality academics, stimulating faith formation, and high self-esteem they receive at Butler Catholic School last a lifetime. We hope you give your child that gift!