Safety & Security

At Butler Catholic School, the safety and security of all students and staff members is of utmost importance. In a time when national attention focuses all too frequently on school violence, every reasonable measure has been taken to ensure that Butler Catholic School is a safe and secure place to learn and work. Butler Catholic has developed their security program in collaboration with the City of Butler Police and in conjunction with the Diocesan All Hazards School Safety Plan. Measures designed to protect our school community include:

  • Surveillance video cameras strategically located throughout school facilities and grounds
  • Electronic monitoring for exterior doors
  • Deadbolts locks on interior doors
  • Screening of visitors via check in and visitors’ badges
  • Comprehensive background checks on all faculty, staff, and volunteers
  • Comprehensive crisis management and emergency preparedness plan
  • Emergency preparedness training of all faculty and staff
  • Regular fire, lockdown, and other emergency drills
  • “Go Kits” for every teacher