Profile of a Graduate

A graduate of Butler Catholic is:

A life-long learner who:

  • Thinks critically and creatively
  • Exhibits self-discipline and a strong work ethic
  • Continues to explore his/her interests, talents and passions
  • Possesses a solid foundation in all academic areas and is well-prepared to succeed in higher education
  • Is proficient with technology and is able to work effectively and responsibly in a digital world
  • Understands Catholic doctrine and shows pride in his/her Catholic faith

A servant leader who:

  • Takes the initiative to seek out service opportunities
  • Is fully engaged in parish life, including fellowship and ministry
  • Is honest, trustworthy and takes personal responsibility for his/her actions and choices
  • Embraces the need for God’s guidance in daily life and values a personal relationship with Him

A respectful and responsible reflection of Jesus who:

  • Recognizes the dignity and self-worth of every person
  • Has the courage and conviction to do what is right
  • Exemplifies the values of compassion, tolerance, mercy and forgiveness
  • Shows appreciation for individual differences and diversity