Uniform Policy

Butler Catholic School has established a uniform policy based on concern for the academic performance and behavior of the students. We ask that parents ensure that the uniform policy is adhered to by carefully supervising what the children wear to school. Should a problem arise with compliance, the principal will contact parents. The uniform for Butler Catholic consists of the following components:

The uniform supplier for Butler Catholic School is Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms. 

Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms

Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms
10905 Dutton Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154


Uniform Chart

  • Items marked with an asterisk MUST be purchased through Flynn & O’Hara.
  • Uniform resale dates are offered a few times per year at the school. Gently used uniforms are available to sell or purchase.
Boys Girls
Description Color Style K-4th 5th-8th K-4th 5th-8th
Polo Shirt White
Light Blue
Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Blouse White
Light Blue
Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Rounded Collar
Banded Bottom Shirt* White
Light Blue
Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Pants Navy
Aug. 1-Oct. 31 & May 1 thru the End of School
Navy Pleated Relaxed Fit NOT
Skort* Navy
Skirt/Kilt* Navy
Jumper* Navy
Sweater Navy
V-Neck Pullover

General Guidelines

  • Navy blue, white, black or gray above the anklebone socks or stockings are to be worn at all times. This means at least 1” above the anklebone. Peds and leggings are not permitted.
  • Tennis shoes are permitted.
  • Backless shoes or clogs are not permitted. (Safety Issue)
  • All shoes must be securely and properly tied at all times.
  • Denim is not permitted, except when using a Jeans/Tennies pass.
  • Makeup of any kind is not permitted.
  • All shirts and blouses must be tucked in except for the banded bottom shirts.
  • Only the BCS logo is permitted (but not required) on blouses, shirts, and sweaters.
  • Jewelry may be worn if not a distraction.
  • Belts with a buckle are to be worn in Grades 4-8 for girls and boys.
  • Boys’ shorts may be worn from August through October 31 and again from May 1 to the end of the school year.
  • School spirit sweatshirts and hoodies may be worn from November 1 through April 30. (Approved School Spirit wear only.)

Gym Uniforms

  • Gym uniforms MUST be purchased through Butler Catholic School
  • Kindergarten – students may dress for school wearing the appropriate gym uniform on their gym day.
  • 1st through 8th Grade – students must bring their gym uniform clothes to school and change for gym.

Jeans and Tennies Day Pass

How to Earn

Students have the opportunity to earn Jeans and Tennies Passes in several ways:

  • Special Days – Occasionally designated as a “Free Jeans and Tennies” Day
  • Student Council – Student Council will have a Jeans and Tennies Day (sometimes called a “Dress Down Day”) where the students will have to pay $1 to a charity to be permitted to wear jeans.
  • Purchase – You may purchase a pack of 10 passes for $10. Limit 2 packs per child with the first pack purchased by November 1 and the second pack by March 1. Jean passes expire at the end of the current school year.

Rules & Regulations for Jeans and Tennies Days

  • You must turn in a Jeans and Tennies Pass on the day you wear jeans.
  • Blue denim jeans are the only items allowable.
  • Jeans must fit at the waist and be an appropriate length.
  • Blue denim capri jeans are allowable.
  • NO jean shorts.
  • NO ripped jeans.
  • NO sweatpants, wind pants, or leggings.
  • NO jeans are to be worn on Mass days.
  • Underclothing is NOT to be visible.
  • Skin is NOT to be visible (no midriff tops, visible underclothing, or low waist jeans
    allowing skin to show).
  • School shirts are NOT required to be worn.
  • Appropriate tops or tee shirts are permitted.
  • No tank tops, camisoles, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless shirts of any kind.
  • Jeans may not be worn more than two times during a week.
  • Passes are not transferable EXCEPT to siblings.