Secret Santa Shopping – Supporting Orphans and Students with our Gifts

Can purchasing one small gift truly impact the life of another?  It absolutely can, and today the students at Butler Catholic School learned that through their gift purchases at the annual Secret Santa Shop, they were directly helping less fortunate children at St. Thomas Orphanage and School in India, and St. Joseph Orphanage and School in Nigeria, Africa.

Mary Rutkoski, founder of Abode for Children, and owner of the non-profit Gospa Missions Store in Evans City, supplied all the gifts available for purchase at the Secret Santa Shop.   All the proceeds from those purchases directly support the mission work of Abode for Children, who through the building and maintaining of orphanages and schools care for over 1,000 children in India and Nigeria.

One child sincerely grateful for our students’ in-school Christmas shopping, as well as year-round support is Yuvateja Chikati.  He is the student Butler Catholic School sponsors through Abode for Children, and lives at St. Thomas Orphanage and School in India.  This week Butler Catholic School received a thank you letter for Yuvateja.  It is our joy to sponsor Yuvateja, and to share his letter with you.

“Dear (Butler Catholic School) Benefactor,

Greetings of peace and joy in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from your dear sponsored child, YUVATEJA C.  What an awesome feeling to write a letter to you.  My heart bubbles with joy to wish you “hello, How are you dear?” I am very fine.  I am doing well.  I hope and pray it is same with me.  Now I am studying in class.

I am studying well by the grace of God.  I am working hard for my exams.  I want to achieve distinction in my public (final exams).  Each time I think of you, I get to my memories, the sacrifices you have made for my education.  At present I got 93% in my exams, But I want to get more marks.  I will not be do justice for your sacrifice if I don’t get proper marks.  I am making extra efforts for my exams.  The Fathers here encourage me in my studies.  The teachers are ever ready to clarify our doubts.  The teach us well.  They work with dedication.  Father gives us more time for studies.  They always remind us that you will be very happy if I get good marks.  The Fathers daily remind us to pray for you.  I make special prayers for you at all times, while participating in the Holy Mass, reciting the rosary, and even in my personal prayers.

Sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, care and concern you have for me.  I remain ever grateful to you.  Please convey my wishes to all your family.  Please remember me and my family in your prayers.  Please send me your family photo.

Thank you, Happy Christmas and Wish You Happy New Year,

Your dear sponsored child, YUVATEJA C.”

A simple purchase by our students here in Butler, can impact the life of those children less fortunate.  We are so thankful for the work of Abode for Children, and are blessed that Butler Catholic School could be a small part of helping Yuvateja, and other children this Christmas season.  Please consider visiting the Gospa Missions Store at 230 East Main Street in Evans City to do some of your own Christmas shopping, or to donate directly to Abode for Children, visit: