Secret Santa Shop – Blessing Others with our Purchases

What is more fun for a child than Christmas shopping in secret for their family and friends? Shopping knowing that they are helping other less fortunate children with their purchases!  This year Butler Catholic School is again holding their annual Secret Santa Shop, an in-school gift store, where students can buy gifts for their family and friends.  However this year, the majority of gifts are being supplied by the Gospa Missions Store in Evans City, and all proceeds from those purchases will support Abode for Children.

Mary Rutkoski owner of the non-profit Gospa Missions Store, and founder of Abode for Children, has been working to support children and orphans in Africa and India for the last 16 years. St. Joseph Orphanage and School in Nigeria, Africa was founded 16 year ago.  What started as a small school building, has with the grace of God, turned into a 24,000 square-foot building that now serves 200 orphans and 600 school children.  St. Thomas Orphanage and School in Cherukupalli, India was founded 9 years ago.  It serves 75 orphans and 400 school students each year.

As the children have grown over the last 16 years, so has the project to support them. A church, convent, rectory, and other staff quarters have been built at St. Thomas Orphanage and School in India to serve the children there.  At St. Joseph Orphanage and School, they are looking into expanding a medial unit, as well as purchasing a 40 acre farm to teach trade skills to the older children.

A simple purchase by our students here in Butler, can provide a miracle to those less fortunate than themselves in Africa and India. That is the true meaning of Christmas.  We are so thankful for the work of Abode for Children, and are blessed that Butler Catholic School could be a small part of helping others this Christmas season.  Please consider visiting the Gospa Missions Store at 230 East Main Street in Evans City to do some of your own Christmas shopping, or to donate directly to Abode for Children, visit: