How Transferring to BCS Changed My Life

My name is Nick Corlew, and I am a very proud Butler Catholic School alumni. If you are thinking about transferring your child or starting them at Butler Catholic School, do not wait. DO IT NOW! I believe this school can change your child’s life, as it did mine. I had attended Butler Public Schools since kindergarten. I was half-way through seventh grade at Butler Junior High School, when one day my mother and I were sitting in church and there was an announcement about the BCS Open House. My mother suggested we should go. I said “NO” and thought “yeah right”, because I was a goofy teenager who heard Catholic School and thought “NO WAY!” My mother told me to go anyway with an open mind. So I did. I was so impressed with Butler Catholic that I transferred the next week. Here is where my life changed. An education at Butler Public Schools is like climbing a little hill. A Butler Catholic education is like mountain climbing (it is more stimulating and rewarding), they give you the ropes and everything you need to succeed. It’s fun but it’s a lot more challenging. BCS prepared me for the work load of high school. The education I received at Butler Catholic made me a better person and student. I am now a freshman at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic. Going to BCS made me think about my life. I have been looking at colleges, which most people do not do in their freshman year. I’m going to be honest, BCS hits you with reality. They made me acknowledge that I’m not the most important person in the world, God is. God is the biggest role model in my life. Being close to God, getting a good education, and meeting life-long friends is amazing. All of that was possible at Butler Catholic. So forget the other schools and make your child’s education better and enroll them in BCS.