Girls in Science – Trojanators Robotics Team

Members from Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic Robotics Team, the Trojanators, visited Butler Catholic School’s Girls in Science Group on Monday, May 22nd to inspire our young women to pursue their interests in STEM fields. Matt Esser’18, Mechanical and Project Manager for the Trojanators, and Emily Crilley’18 Programmer for Trojanators, brought the team’s 80 pound robot, and allowed each girl to each take it for a test drive, and even change the robot’s battery. Each year, the Trojanators build a unique robot designed to complete a specific number of tasks for robotics competitions. The game for the 2017 season was entitled, FIRST Steamworks. The CWNCHS team had to work together to design a robot to deliver gears to an airship in the middle of the field, to shoot fuel into boilers, and to climb a 5 foot rope to be ready for takeoff. Matt and Emily described to our students how it took their team over a hundred hours to develop a strategy, design a robot in CAD, assemble a drive team, fabricate parts, complete an electrical system, and write software code before they were ready to compete against teams from the US and around the globe. The girls then watched a video of robot “5740” during one of this year’s competitions.  We are so thankful for the CWNCHS Robotics Team members for visiting BCS, and for their team parent, Cindy Esser, who spoke with our students about pursuing careers in STEM fields.