Fantasy Baseball Math Program – A Homerun!

Butler Catholic School students are ready for spring baseball, but these games are being held inside the classroom instead of outside. The Fantasy Baseball math program, sponsored by Pittsburgh Pirate Charities, is engaging students in mathematics in fun and creative ways.  Butler Catholic middle schoolers will use the statistical data found in baseball to draft a fantasy team of current and historic Pirate and MLB players, and then play simulated baseball games in the classroom.  The mathematics inherent in baseball allows this program to be both comprehensive and challenging.  A few of the important mathematical concepts that students will learn and apply competing in Fantasy Baseball are: finding and using ratios to interpret data, understanding and applying fraction, decimal, and percentage equivalence, applying algebraic formulas to compare numerical data, and constructing circle graphs to accurately represent numerical data.  BCS Middle School Math teacher Carol Dorcy described the amount of mathematics in this program as “unbelievable!”

Students will have the opportunity to continue playing Fantasy Baseball outside of the classroom in an after-school activity throughout the month of April.  The winning after-school team from Butler Catholic School will participate in the 2017 Pittsburgh Regional Action Math Baseball World Series Tournament held at PNC Park on Saturday, April 29th.  We wish our students the best of luck in their preparation for the World Series Action Math Tournament.  This math program is definitely a home-run!