Colorful Service Project

Each year the children at Butler Catholic School participate in many different service projects to benefit the community.  This year our Kindergarten students participated in a new and colorful project, recycling crayons.  Each Kindergarten student collected and donated broken pieces of crayons. Throughout the entire school year, as the children would bring in their crayons, they would peel off the paper and then sort them by color. By the end of the school year, the students had reclaimed over 50lbs of crayons! After the crayons were sorted, they were baked in the oven to melt and then reshaped.  The recycled crayons were donated to the hospital for children to use while in the waiting room, as well as to Sunnyview for resident activities.  The kids were so proud of their accomplishment, and we are so proud of our Kindergarteners for serving others!