Above & Beyond Enrichment Program

Butler Catholic School is committed to providing students with opportunities to use their gifts to their fullest potential.  This semester, Butler Catholic School dedicated one of our full-time faculty members, Mrs. Kate Jordan, to lead our Above & Beyond Enrichment Program, ensuring we fulfill our commitment to student growth and academic development.  Above and Beyond is a cross-curricular, small group enrichment program that addresses the needs of students who would benefit from an additional challenge to their learning. Students will work toward their individualized academic goals, based on their specific aptitude evaluation and ability level.  Students identified for the program will meet with Mrs. Jordan for two class periods a week.  To learn more about the program, including student eligibility identification guidelines, visit our Above & Beyond page.

Interested in learning more about a Butler Catholic School education for your child? Visit us Sunday, March 4th from 1-3 pm for our Admissions Open House.