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Dear Friends of Butler Catholic:

Enrollment is up and climbing! Butler Catholic School is poised to make a huge impact on the lives of many young people.  BUT, we NEED YOU!  These young people’s lives can’t be impacted if we don’t have a building to educate them in.

1949 was a LONG TIME AGO!   Perhaps it’s so long ago, that you were not even born yet. This was the year the Berlin Blockade came to an end and NATO was established.   The Road Runner started tormenting Wile E. Coyote with his “Meep-meep” and Silly Putty, Candy Land, and Kewpie dolls were the toys to have.   The cost of a gallon of gas was 17¢ and the minimum wage was only 70¢/per hour.  Can you even imagine?

The year 1949 is also a pretty important date in Butler Catholic School history!   The cornerstone for the current school building was laid on May 31 and the school opened four months later in September.   It was a very well-constructed building with room to grow.  The Fatima wing, auditorium and gymnasium were added a few years later.   The structure is still good, but the pieces and parts on the inside are wearing thin.   Much progress has been made on some of the smaller pieces, but now the big pieces also need attention.

The mechanical and electrical systems that need upgraded, will cost upwards of $500,000 while the gymnasium upgrades are $238,000.   Clearly this is NOT something we can do without YOU!

Will you please consider an investment of $120 this year?   That’s just $10 a month.  If you have been blessed with the means to helps us with more, we would certainly be grateful.  But know that gifts of any size truly help and make an impact for many generations to come!

Whatever your contribution, please know that it is received with our deepest gratitude and a promise of special remembrance in our daily prayers. The weekly vigil light that burns by our chapel’s tabernacle is lit for your intentions.  May our Provident God surround you with His very special blessing, filling your lives with His loving peace.

Sister John Ann Mulhern
Butler Catholic School Principal