Volunteering at BCS

At Butler Catholic, we encourage family participation at our school. Parent volunteers are vital for many school programs, including cafeteria help, playground monitors, PTG, library aides, homeroom helpers, the Athletic Association and many more.

In order to protect the safety of all children, it is the policy of the Diocese of Pittsburgh that anyone who serve as a volunteer within our school complete the Clearance Process as outlined below. Everyone, including both paid and volunteer staff, on a parish, school or central administration level that has direct contact with minors is required to complete this process. While this process may seem cumbersome, it was developed to protect our school community’s most precious resource: our children.

Adult employees and volunteers (age 18 and older) who have regular contact with minors (under age 18) must complete a six-step process in which they undergo a background check to receive clearances, register in the diocese’s database and complete the Protecting God’s Children training program.  Here are step-by-step instructions to help you complete this very important process to ensure we keep our school as safe as possible.

Step 1: Registration on Diocesan Database

This is an online application that takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete and will include a national criminal background check. Log on to the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh at www.diopitt.org and follow the instructions for the “Safe Environment Database.” When asked for an access code, it is “Protect.”

To expedite the process, please have the following information on hand before starting the application:   Residential History for the past seven (7) years;  Employment History for the past five (5) years;   Educational History starting with High School;   Volunteer History of the four (4) most recent volunteer activities; and  References: one (1) professional, one (1) personal, and one (1) family member.

  • Log onto the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh at www.diopitt.org.
  •  Scroll-down the left side of the home page and click on “Safe Environment Database.” This will take you to the application login.
  • At the top of the Login Page click on the underlined click here where it says, “If you do not have a User ID and Password, please click here to register.”
  • You will now be at the “New User Registration” screen, and all fields under this will require entry except for the email address.
  • In the “Primary Site” field, select your parish. The “Type of Application” requires you to check whether you are an employee or volunteer. The “User ID” field requires that you enter your own password for access to your application. The bottom of this screen explains the requirements of a User ID. The “Password” field is similar, and you will be asked to type it in twice.
  • This will take you to the “access code field” where you enter the diocesan password “Protect.”
  • In the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields, type in your name as it appears on your driver’s license. In the “Date of Birth” field, type your date of birth in the mm/dd/yyyy format. You will be asked to type it in twice.
  • Write down your User ID and Password for future reference, and click on “Register” button. You should receive a message that you have successfully registered.
  • Then, click on the underlined link where it says, “Please click here to login and continue your application.”
  • At the Login Page enter your User ID and Password, and click “Login.” This will take you to the “Application Screen” for you to fill our your application. Proceed to complete each section in turn.

Documents to Read and Sign
Code of Pastoral Conduct
Reporting of Child Abuse and The Child Protective Services Law of PA

  • When you get to the “Documents” page, read the provided electronic versions of the Code of Pastoral Conduct (CPC) and Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) documents, and electronically “sign” the receipt.  The date of your electronic signature is automatically recorded in your database file.


Step 2: Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check

This step will be done automatically once you’ve completed the online Database Application (Step 1).

Step 3:  Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Now that you have registered on the Diocesan website, you can apply for your Child Abuse History Certification online at www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis.  Applying for your Child Abuse History Certification online expedites the application process and provides you with your results electronically. There is no fee for this for volunteers. All you need to do is print a copy of your Child Abuse History Certification results and send it to the School Office.

Step 4: Protecting God’s Children Training

There is now an online choice for taking the Protecting God’s Children Workshop.   To register for this option, visit the Diocesan home page (www.diopitt.org) to visit the Protecting God’s Children/Virtus Homepage. You will need to complete the registration information and then you will be able to choose the session.  The online session is at the bottom of the list and is available in English and in Spanish.  When you have completed the session, print out a copy of your certificate and send it to the School Office.  If you prefer, you can take this workshop at different locations throughout the Diocese. Please check the Diocesan website at www.diopitt.org for a complete schedule of locations and times. You must pre-register for the session you’d like to attend. This class must be completed within 3 months of registering on the database whether it be online or at a specific location.

Step 5: Mandated Reporter Training

PA Act 126 requires that all individuals who have routine interaction with children must complete a three-hour mandated reporter training every five years. The training is available at the following site: https://reportabusepa.pitt.edu

This course has been approved by the PA Department of Education to meet the Recognizing Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting components of Act 126. This training must be completed, and a copy of your certificate must be on file in the school office before you can volunteer.

Step 6: Fingerprinting or Fingerprint Waiver

FBI Criminal Clearances (fingerprinting) is now mandatory for all volunteers. Volunteers must be fingerprinted, HOWEVER, volunteers who have lived in PA continuously for the past ten (10) years will be exempted from fingerprinting if you read, sign, have someone 18 or older witness your signature, and return the Fingerprint Waiver to the School Office. If you have not lived in PA continuously for the past ten (10) years, you must be fingerprinted and send in a copy of your results to the School Office.  You can not volunteer until one of these two options is completed, and a copy of your results in on file in the school office.

To find more information on how to be fingerprinted, go to www.pa.cogentid.com.  There is one finger printing location in Butler, The UPS Store, 620 Butler Crossing #3, Butler, PA.  A second location is at the Midwestern Intermediate Unit, 453 Maple Street, in Grove City, PA.  All applicants must register PRIOR to going to the fingerprint site.   The website also contains a complete list of all locations where fingerprinting can be done, as well as what forms of identification are required and the hours of operation for each location.