Why BCS?

The Preschool through 8th grade advantage
When you choose Butler Catholic, you are choosing a comprehensive Preschool through 8th grade education in a single building. This provides continuity and stability, and nurtures a priceless sense of security and self-confidence.

This format allows families to have all of their children in the same school, and on the same schedule throughout elementary, middle school and junior high years.

Forming students strong in faith and integrity
Our students spend 35 hours a week in an environment permeated by faith and Gospel values.

In today’s world, there is a real benefit to learning and understanding the values of respect, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, tolerance, service and compassion.

Each day at Butler Catholic School presents opportunities for students to put their values to use – in the classroom, at lunch or recess, and in extra-curricular activities.

Faculty focused on teaching, not testing
Teachers at a Catholic school have the unique privilege of being able to educate the whole child, mind, body and spirit.

Our teachers can concentrate on teaching, not testing. While Butler Catholic does have standardized testing, it is not the focus of instruction. Despite this, our students consistently score higher than national and local Diocesan averages.

When class sizes are small, minds have room to expand
With less than 20 students in each class, children receive the individual attention they need to help them grow and succeed. Our students are prepared academically and spiritually for the challenges they will face in high school, college and life. We set the bar high, but we provide a ladder.

Every child is known by name
As we hear in Isaiah 43:1, the Lord has called each of us by name. We were created as individuals, with special strengths, challenges and talents. Butler Catholic heeds this message by encouraging each child to be the best possible reflection of Jesus that they can be.

Our smaller school size means we offer a community of close-knit faculty, parents and students. This is especially evident among students, who frequently interact across grade levels, building confidence, school pride, and a sense of community. You and your child will not be just a number here – we are a family.

“Community is at the heart of all Catholic education, not simply as a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived . . . Your students will learn to understand and appreciate the value of community as they experience love, trust, and loyalty in your school and educational programs, and as they learn to trust all persons as brothers and sisters created by God and redeemed by Christ.” -Saint Pope John Paul II