The mission of Butler Catholic School is the proclamation of the message of Jesus, and the formation of an extended family community of faith and service. Butler Catholic School proclaims the Gospel by offering families with children in grades Pre-K through 8 an exceptional Catholic education built upon character formation, spiritual development, academic rigor, physical well-being, and an ethic of service.

Parents are the primary educators of their children, and Butler Catholic School is committed to a close collaboration with them to promote their children’s growth and learning. While utilizing the best educational technologies and materials possible, Butler Catholic School is dedicated to maintaining a safe and caring Christian community in which every child’s gifts are identified, nurtured, and celebrated.

Butler Catholic School Prayer

Glory and Praise to You, loving and forgiving God,
Who gives us all that we need and so much more!
We thank You for life with our loving families,
Our parishes, and all the people
Who help make our Catholic school
Such a safe and loving place.
Bless us and help our
Butler Catholic School Community
To do our best today and everyday.
Help us to love and serve You
By living the values Jesus taught us.
May the Holy Spirit,
Who dwells in each of us,
Give us the strength
To grow in our faith.

By Class of 2002 During 5th Grade